Qurum Beach Muscat, Oman – Serene shores and splendid sunsets


The Sultanate of Oman rests majestically on the gulf of Oman and Arabian sea and lays claim to some of the most stunning and secluded beaches the Arabian peninsula has to offer.The beaches are among the most cleanest beaches in the world. Qurum beach is one of the largest beach resort areas in the country and is very popular with tourists.

Qurum beach Muscat oman at sunset
The horizon at Qurum after sunset

I  first visited  the Qurum beach  on 31st dec 2016  . I had landed in Oman just  five days back and for some unknown reason been attacked by the cold virus. 31st was marking the end of the year and since I was feeling a lot better I decided to make a visit to the beach. The taxi driver told me that I should have gone at least an hour early to see the sunset but since Muscat roads are super clean and devoid traffic most of the time , we reached just in time and was lucky to see the sunset in its many hues and the long stretch of the coastline slowly turn from orange to black.

Qurum Beach Muscat Oman Sunset
Tequila Sunset

Thereafter several times I have been to the Qurum beach …my elder son  loved playing in the sand and water while I and my husband walked through the coast with the little one in the baby carrier .The Qurum beach is very clean with white sands and crystal clear water .I feel a city with a beach like that is the perfect place to unwind  be it a evening spent  after work or a leisurely weekend evening.

Qurum beach Muscat Oman Sunset
A Silhouette of love

One can see several children playing on the shore making sand castles or flying a kite . Many families are seen sitting in beach chairs and lazing around with tea in  huge flasks while others like me are walking along the beach.


There is no noise except for the lapping of the waves and looking at  the vast sea  calms the mind like nothing else  which is so very essential in a  world full of distractions.


curio and coffee shops at Qurum beach Muscat Oman
Curio and Coffee

The Qurum beach is surrounded by coffee shops , fish and chips places, restaurants , curio shops and a small shopping area where one can buy Omani jewelry  and handicrafts .



The coffee shops serve interesting breakfast and evening snacks  . My favorite is the Starbucks and the Al Makan cafe on the Qurum beach road drive . Its located strategically overlooking  the ocean on one side and mountains on other.The rooftop open cafe in Starbucks is just awesome especially on a full moon night .The beach road  also connects to the sea beach with stairways going down to the shore  so that one could go to the beach  and have a feel of the water .A  perfect end to the evening  is to grab  a coffee with some cheese chilly croissant at the Starbucks  rooftop  and chat with a dear friend while the roads slowly  lit up  and make the coastline look like a necklace made of shimmering  beads 🙂

Starbucks Qurum beach drive Muscat Oman
Starbucks Rooftop is the place to be
Al Makan cafe Qurum beach driveway , Muscat Oman
Al Makan Cafe overlooking mountain on side and sea on other
Qurum beach road driveway , Muscat oman
The beach road drive way
Qurum beach road driveway , Muscat oman
A necklace at night


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