Off the beaten path in Kodaikanal and the aroma of cooked rice

Monsoons in Bangalore is always extended and gets monotonous .So when it rained very heavily on a friday , I  decided to travel out of the city and without any bookings , took a night bus from Majestic on our way to Kodaikanal.

Bangalore has very good bus services to many tourist destination and Kodai is  one among that.The journey will take you to a place called Dindigal downhill where the bus halts for breakfast and then a one hr uphill climb to arrive at the queen of the southern hill station.

This being my second trip to kodai but first for my husband , I became the unsaid guide .Like most tourists after finding a good place to stay and freshening up we headed to the lake  and spent a good laid back time cycling around , spotting  Rekha’s  ( the filmstar) house and eating kababs .

Kodaikanal-hilltops-Gundar falls-Berjam lake
Kebabs and rainy hilltops

However the next day we had planned a trek up the mountain roads which was not one of the popular  tourist spots  but nature at its best. We travelled by a shared cab till a point and then walked and trekked on mountain roads .These mountains are a part of the western ghats and at that height always have a misty look . Here one could  walk on winding hilly  roads , drink from a stream of water flowing out of Gundar falls , try to spot the Berjam lake   and capture the beautiful city from top , sit and laze the whole day with not a single soul in sight save the cows or monkeys and  breathe the purest air.

Kodaikanal-hilltops-Gundar falls-Berjam lake
The Road not taken 🙂
Kodaikanal-hilltops-Gundar falls-Berjam lake
A preety little stream
Kodaikanal-hilltops-Gundar falls-Berjam lake
Princess under a misty veil
Kodaikanal-hilltops-Gundar falls-Berjam lake
The Kodai city with the La Salette church visible at the extreme left

We walked almost half a day and by lunch time were totally famished but little did we know that lunch at that isolated place is only by the kindness of the village folks who allow tourists to pay and eat a simple yet sumptuous lunch at their houses. This though a way of earning money is not their only source of livelihood , farming being the primary .

Kodaikanal-hilltops-Gundar falls-Berjam lake
“A simple act of kindness the size of a rice grain can weigh as heavy as a mountain.” ― Feroz Bham

So on a cold  september afternoon two hungry souls  savoured a plate full of hot rice , sambar and some veggies amidst the Kodai hills , the simplicity of which touched our heart and has  remained memorable ever since.

Kodaikanal-hilltops-Gundar falls-Berjam lake
Me and tranquility all around



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