Who am I ?

Hi and thank you for stopping by! I am a financial professional turned technologist who loves to unlock closed doors and tread slippery paths accompanied by a sudden fall or two ๐Ÿ™‚
Coming from a small town in India , I did not travel too far during my initial years except as far as my bicycle could take me but once I turned 18 , I began exploring new places. At various times I had different people accompanying me and my newest companion is my new born who recently made his first travel at 2 months!
I love the pre travel stage a lot as planning, organizing, packing and the excitement of seeing a new place is great feeling .However I usually do not prefer doingย ย a lot of research about the place and love to explore and be surprised. When I am in a new place I love the little things : read the local books to know more about the place , try the local cuisine, talk to the people , collect shot glasses as souvenirs ,scrapbook the events , take a lot of photographs and build memories. In this website I would like to share the things I have learnt and experienced in my years of travel, as well as resources for people wanting to try something similar.
This site remains most of all a place to tell stories. I tell the stories from my heart in black and white with coloured pictures to help you visualize. I hope you enjoy this site.